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WaspaSport Bėgantis Šernas

WaspaSport Bėgantis Šernas

Gamintojas: WaspaSport
Prekės kodas: Boar

Self-operating, double sided running boar model driven by a powerful and durable 400V motor. Its remote control has a button that allows to stop the silhouette anywhere. The side of model is being changed automatically after every run so it allows to shoot both sides alternatively.

The total lenght of track is 15m.

Techniniai duomenys
Bėgimo greitis 9 m / 1,5 - 2,5 s
Bėgimo ilgis 15 m (Viso) 9 m (Matomas)
Krypties keitimas Automatinis
Steering Kabelinis; Stop mygtukas
Maitinimas 380V AC
Svoris 2 kg
Options Nuotolinis valdymas
Kaina Kaina nurodyta be PVM ir pristatymo mokesčio

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